Introduce yourself here! (Optional)
Hello, I haven't used the forums much, but other than that I hope some of you have seen me around quite a bit.

Let's get to know some small, uninteresting facts about me, shall we?

Likes :
Learning new languages
Hanging out with my friends, and doing social things in general
Playing league and unturned
Many more Angular-like things ;)

Dislikes :
When I lag in a game, it honestly really triggers me
People who are just really bad at replying to me in text messages

I've played Unturned for around 3-4 years now, and Pandahut was the very first server I logged on to. I played because my friends played, and I started out on this server back in 2016. I honestly played ONLY pandahut, and accumulated around 800 hours playing legit, never really AFK much just on PandaHut alone for my first year and a half of playing. I took a break after 1.5 years of Unturned and moved onto playing mainly League of Legends. I came back recently, just a month or two ago and started playing a LOT and got another 100-150 hours under my buckle.

It's been quite some time and I've honestly never really logged into another server EXCEPT for PandaHut servers with the exception of a few smaller vanilla servers that I tried to start on but got bored an hour later. PandaHut was my first, and always my last home so I'm honored to share it with all these wonderful people. I've made a lot of friends that I've known for YEARS now through PandaHut and Unturned in general, so I'm happy that I came here.

If you have any questions or things you wanna talk about with me, or just if you wanna say hi, feel free to leave them below.
You can also add me on discord
Welcome mate ;-)