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By candyvan
Hello there
Im candyvan, i don't feel the need to tell you about me but javi knows about it
im 16 and i have a HORRIBLE mic its so bad i got warned twice because the admins think i altered it in someway to be that bad.
Anyways i would call myself reasonable and calm but i do get annoying, obnoxious and salty at times.
I do not like to bully but the urge to teach someone the rules by you know like doing things to them that are within the rules and they would go like "hey stop i'll report you". Then ill go like "oh actually, this is this and this is that"
I really like helping new people who asks me question, i feel like that is fun for some reason and i like to see them grow up and you know dig the server and making money, it makes me proud because i knew I, ME helped him reach this.
I would call myself kind and rebellious. I am not so hot amongst the older people and some admins because i wasn't so respectful to them and i annoy them and stand up to them ya know, actin rebellious.

Oh i believe im above average in my coding skills on the internet and i define myself as a pretty fast learner.
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By Liona
You remind me of myself mate, just keep it within the rules and keep your friends close.
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By candyvan
Thats really nice :)
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By Supreme Leader
Idk but you should help shitpost in offtopic with me
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By candyvan
Oh, that surprised me, you didnt say anything offensive to me :)