Introduce yourself here! (Optional)
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By Longey13
I figured it was about time I would do one of these so all of you that see me online know me a little bit better.

Here's some basic info:
How old are you?

Where are you from?
I am from Baltimore, Maryland (USA).

How did you find Pandahut?
I was looking at servers and found the Hawaii PVP server. I built up a base there and had a little combat, then went on the website and found out that Pandahut also has RP, which I prefer. I first joined PH13 as a mechanic based out of Belfast Garage, and slowly made my way into alberton garage, where I took that little hut with the two garage doors. I was only able to afford the supplies because of a 20k donation from NeedlessMemeing (thanks), and eventually became an RCMP after it looked like fun.

Why do you not do anything criminal on PH13 or PH10?
Obviously, I am an RCMP Deputy and an FBI executive on 13, but some wonder why I don't try to make lots of money through crime on 10. The answer is; I like helping people. This especially being countering kidnaps on 13 and healing people as a doctor or helping as a Charity on 10.

Do you have any beef with the WCS/RWC?
Though they could be a little less gloating, I would have to say no. Both factions made and will make pandahut fun and exciting to play in the future, even if I am trash at PVP.

Q and A:
Q:Why did you join the FBI and what are your future plans for it? (from zero)
A: I joined the FBI because I realized that joining a police group would give me more resources and help me be a better officer. It would also make it a lot easier to get a promotion and to become more of a part of pandahut's community.
My plans in the future for the FBI are mostly confidential, but I personally plan to enlist and better train officers. I also want the FBI to maybe do some public works projects to improve community relations. We get almost no support from citizens even if we rescue them from kidnaps; we are seen in a negative light as we arrest them as well.
Thanks Zero!

Q: If you could remove 1 role what would it be?
It would probably be constructor. It's such a specific role and there's not much they can do.
Thanks Needless!

Q: If you could change one aspect of RP, what would that be?
It would probably be that search warrants could be issued by Judges and maybe even RCMP Captains. If there was a way, I would like to make rp less structured with all the commands removed or some removed.
Thanks Liona!
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By MattCobra
Is MattCobra best cobra
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By Javi-kun
Is Javi best Javi cop?
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By Supreme Leader
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By Javi-kun
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By Pablo Escobar.
Is John Wick Best Wick?
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I see a lot of people not using this thread for its intended use. I’ll ask a genuine question for you to answer. Why did you join the FBI and what are your future plans for the FBI?
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By Longey13
Is MattCobra best cobra

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