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By Lit
I remember this day like it was yesterday. The day I got accepted. Although the day I did, i had no idea, as I went out for a camping trip for a good 3 days, I was 19 at the time and now I'm 20. Although I quit rp, I moved on to other things in life. I did drop out of college though and trust me it was the best time of my life when I did. It was a huge relief when I did it, why? I have no idea. If you would like to read the first rpstaff app I did heres a link ... t&start=10 c; catch yall on rustturned (if it still exists and cyka blyat comrades)
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By Aren
I remember you, one of the first moderators I met in this community. You were always a friendly guy whenever I pmed you! Sucks that I didn’t get to work along side you.
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By MattCobra
You're before my time but I've heard good things about you. Suh
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By Voxil
Hi Lit. You were during my time at Pandahut, I believe you became staff a short while after I was accepted for my 2nd term? To be honest, my life isn't much different from yours. I dropped out of 8th grade to move to Florida due to family issues, I was 13 at the time, in the 3 days I'll be 14. It's been a long ass road to get to where I am now, but damn has it been fun. I hope to see you again, Lit.
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By Lit
I know its a late response, but I appreciate your guys support. Thank You!
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By Liona
I remember you boy. You kept cracking jokes in Discord.

Shame your gone, big loss for the RP Staff team when you resigned.
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By Slushy
im really bored so im going through these things whos lit i don't remember him