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By Scott Frey
i think my house was accidentally deleted or something because its no longer owned by me, theres a new door and i cant open it but the general wont give me anything either.

Steam 64: 76561198119798900

Server: Pandahut #12
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By Miku

If you are offline for 3 days on Unturnov, your base gets wiped.

You can craft a new door by just cutting trees on any map. If you have difficulty getting another door, feel free to ask staff.

Everyone also has access to a /vault Gamma for small item storage.

VIP+ and above have /vault Stash (can only be used in bunker) as a semi-replacement for an apartment (only wiped on actual wipes)

MVP+ have /vault Stash+ (can only be used in bunker) as an even bigger replacement for an apartment

Our primary method of support is Discord, you will get a faster response there for issues then on the forums.

If you need anything else, feel free to respond in this thread or just use our Discord's #support or #ticket channel.
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