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By cotto
A new Staff Application has been submitted by cotto.
  • In-Game Name: cotto / cotto#3837
  • Age: 16
  • Rank Desired: Moderator
  • Online Hours (Example: 5PM to 9PM EST): 3pm-10pm EST
  • Time Zone: EST
  • Time (in Hours Total) I Have Been Playing at Pandahut: PVP: 90 Pandahut: 800
  • SteamID64: 76561198211494655
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • Staff Member(s) That Have Referred Me to Fill out This Application: SmokeyBear | Danzeman00 | Oackrulcifer | Plupoo |
  • Do I Have A Microphone and Am I Willing to Use It Often: Yes
  • Administrative Experience on any Other Servers, with Proof: Ive been a Pandahut RP Mod for over 7 months. Proof: It says Roleplay Moderator on my forums account profile.
  • Why I Think I Should Be A Staff Member: Ive been playing pandahut for about a little over a year, its been extremely fun and i've had some great moments on RP and PVP. Pandahut PvP servers are always packed full to the brim. I hear a decent amount of toxicity and racism everytime im on, this could be simply player disses all the way to racist slurs or ddos threats. I want to further my experience within Pandahut and become a Moderator on PVP servers because I want to help eliminate racism and toxicity on Pandahut servers. Out of all the hours I've played PVP, I have only seen a select few mods. I just want to expand my help to PVP because I have a lot of experience being staff. I will search for glitch bases everyday that i'm on, if I do find a glitch I won't take any of the loot myself. I will wipe the base and ban the player/players that made the glitch base. I also want to stop hackers from cheating in the servers. A few days ago me and Krulcifer were PVPing, this kid kept clapping us... we later found out he was a hacker alting around a perm ban. I am very active on Unturned and I promise not to abuse my mod powers. If someone dies to a hacker, I will buy them the items that they lost on economy servers and /i items in vanilla servers. I will try my best to always be online when someone needs me. I will always respond to people in DMs that have questions for me. I also will aid players in PvP Support no matter what immediate help they need with (hackers, glitches, players getting stuck, safe zone campers, or any questions people have.) I have dealt with many situations as a mod and I'm very good under stress. I have never been banned on PVP, I've only had 1 RP ban in like 9 or 10 months. I hope you will consider adding me to the PVP staff team.

    - How would you deal with a situation involving multiple people arguing in world chat and ignoring you when you've told them to stop?:

    - If somebody was disrespecting another player, what would you do?: The first time, I would verbal warn him/her to stop the dissing. If they continue, they will recieve a warn. If the player doesnt stop after both my verbal and writen warn, I think it is only fair that I issue a small ban. (1h-2h)

    - Will you actively moderate the forums and assist in appeals/reports?: Yes, I do already actively moderate the forums to the best of my abilities because I am an RP Mod.

    - What would you do if you were on duty (You'd be in godmode or vanish) and you're fighting another person and end up killing him and then realise you were on duty?: Sincerely apologize to them and own up to my mistakes and tp them back to the loot or buy them all the items and xp they lost.

    - What would you do if you suspected somebody of cheating?: I would first go into mod and not talk in the chat to keep it a secret that im a staff member so the alleged hacker wont leave. I will continue by /spying them and see if I see any exploits being used. If I don't see anything using /spy, I will move on to /vanish. I would follow the player until he gets into PvP so I can get a look on if hes using hacks or what hack he is using. I would record/ss my evidence and ban the player accordingly.

    - Have you acknowledged our rules and promise to obey them accordingly?: Yes, I have never abused as an RP Mod and I dont plan to abuse/dis obey rules as a PvP Mod :)

    - How many hours can you moderate per day?:Week days: 4-5 | Week ends: 5+

    - Do you agree to screenshot or gather any evidence you can when you ban someone?: Yes I agree. It would be unfair and abusive if I would ban someone without any evidence. In real life, you need a crazy amount of evidence to incriminate them and that goes same for video games.

    - Do you agree to never abuse or harass other players via message or voice chat?: I agree.

    - Do you agree that if you are found out to be a different age than the one you applied with, you are subject to instant demotion? If not, please post your real age now: I agree im 16.

    - Do you agree to always being professional and never harass or get angry at a player for insulting/mocking/teasing you?: I agree. As a staff member, I am held to a higher standard compared to the rest of players. Im here to mod, but also be a role model for new and old players.

    - Do you agree to never be biased and If you believe you are being biased step out of the situation and get another moderator to assist you?: I agree, In RP I have warned and banned some of my own group members (of course with permission to do so). I am very biased and I will continue to never be biased and always be professional.

    - Do you agree to always be truthful to players and other staff members and under no circumstances lie?: Yes, I will never lie for my/anyone else's benefit.

    - Do you agree to not cause unneeded drama and always attempt to not disturb players?: Yes, I will never cause drama and if I do get involved I will stay mature and fair about it, avoiding player disrespect.

    - Do you promise to maintain a professional attitude towards users of all ages?: Yes I primise.

    - Do you promise to only go on-duty when it is absolutely needed and not because you need to leave?: I promise.
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By Chromatic
Huge +1
Great staff member, knows the rules very well, very trustworthy, all around just a really good guy.
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By AnarchyMachine
+3 from head shitposter
very good staff :D
add meto referllas :bamboo: :chillpanda: :hystericalpanda:
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By Liona
knows rules
good RP staff member
good application

low PvP hours
According to unturned stats - over 4000 hours and under 2000 kills so i have no idea wtf this man has been doing for 4000 hours apart from hour boosting Link here
sometimes gets toxic/easily angered

overall +0 but i wish you the best of luck.

-noob dog
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By Oldman AJ
Well typed app
and noob / new player friendly guy
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By Pablo Escobar.
Yes you! Yes haha yes yes! Yes you to the right YES!! Yes you to the left, YES EVERYONE! It is indeed Pablo himself here to give his opinion!
Goodluck OP as they say!
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By Quavo
+1 mature
staff material
knows the rules
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+1 rep

- Good Mod
- Better than others I've seen (not saying this server)
- Would be good in the role
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