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By gobrock19
There used to be a Vanilla PVP server a few years back that had everything that made it hardcore, no / commands for normal players and item durability. I remember having a ton of fun with my friends and the monthly wipe/map rotation was refreshing. Seeing as there are multiple "Vanilla+" pvp servers I personally think there is room for a pure vanilla.
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Personally I’m down for a pure vanilla but I feel like no players will actually play them
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By GhostDragon
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By cotto
very hard to find vanilla servers. They are becoming harder to maintain because without ranks and kits, you wont be able to make enough money to keep the server up. With pandahut you don't need to worry about that because I can only imagine how much money its making. I prob wont play it often but it would be my go to if I wanted to play vanilla.