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Prince Edward Island - Laws & Policies [RP] [PEI] [#13]
Please beware this is NOT rules, only RP laws which police must enforce.

Office Term: the 8th 00:00 EST to the 7th of July 23:59.
Current Mayor of PEI Mayor's Office: Mayor Matt
Preceded by: Mayor ???

The Ballot of June:

General Information
- This is a official law book for PEI Role-play!
- Please beware the mayor is NOT a judge, so this book will not explain the punishments of each crime.
- All Officers are REQURIED to enforce these laws.
- The Mayor is allowed to wear a high ranking police uniform while in public, but cannot act as police-enforcer.
- Corruption WILL lead to demotion / removed from the police-force, no matter what rank.
- - All officers, swat, etc MUST be in state issued uniforms any officer who is not in uniform will be warned and if he does not get dressed will be demoted. (this includes turning off cosmetics)
- Anyone found not following orders from a higher ranking officer will result in a DEMOTION all higher ranking officers MUST provide photo evidence or recordings to the Police Moderator's in-charge of the police force investigations for demotions. At this time no other moderators or admins is allowed to issue demotions, so if a higher up wishes for someone to be demoted they MUST get in contact with Reek, RageQuit, or Klockmann for the demotion. The Mayor may over ride any demotions that the moderator issues if deemed fit at that time. If you need to request a demotion for a police officer you must file a player report under report a player and one of the three police moderator's will review the report and decide if the officer is demoted...

Section 1 - Common-sense Laws
Common-sense laws like (arrest & ticket offences)
Murder, robbery, kidnapping, assault, attempt murder, roadkill, non-compliance, possession of berries, unlicensed guns, possession of narcotics, military knives,, explosives, glue, impersonating an officer and shooting without reason, reckless driving, driving off-road, standing on the road. and so on.
1: Use common sense to these laws, please contact the mayor if you have any suggestions to be more specific.
2: All of these laws will apply for all in PEI.

Section 2 - Police Raids
1: Police raids can only be called by a Captain. The captain needs to have valid evidence, to perform the raid (as pictures inside the base or witnesses). If the Captain is ask'ed by the owner of the base, or the mayor, police or the admins - the captain is requred to show this evidence no matter what. If failed the captain can get demoted. (this states in the rules to)
2: SWAT, if swat is shown on a raid, the normal RCMP's must obey this SWAT-officer. The SWAT officer is special trained, and have better equipment than the normal officers. In raids, the swat officer will be higher in command than a chief and normal officers.
3: Raids must be all officers first priority, officers needs to respond no matter what they are doing.
4: Police must barricade, the whole raid-zone with police-fence if possible.
5: Must do /trash command, and trashing illegal items. If failed to do so, it will lead in demotion.

Section 3 - Special new laws - By The Mayor!
These are special laws, made from promises from the mayors campaign.

- Toll Bridge / Checkpoint at the confederation bridge has been made legal, for PSD officers only! And this checkpoint / toll bridge is ONLY allowed to do by following permissions of Head RP admin Dutchy (Read more here: )
1: All civilians needs to pay 50 bamboo to go on the other side of the Conf. bridge.
2: Higherranking PSD officers, is only able to open this checkpoint.
2.1.1: Normal PSD officers, cannot open the checkpoint without a high-ranking PSD leader.
2.1.2: If PSD, is not guarding the checkpoint, they MUST open the gates. If failed to do so, the officers that forgot to do it can get demoted.
4: If Civilians, fail to pay the checkpoint /evade it - they can be arrested for non-compliance.
5: At the checkpoint, PSD will /checkplayer you, while you pay to the highest ranking, PSD officer on the scene.
6: The bridge-tax will go towards the mayors office and the police force.
7: If you try to avoid this checkpoint/toll bridge by making any sort of bridge or other sorts of sneaky path to Wilston and the Mayor's estate, this will be illegal.
7.1.1: All vehicles going towards Wilston and the Mayor's Este, must go though our checkpoint.
7.1.2: Police is able to destroy any bridge/ or other sorts of sneaky paths without warnings.

- Illegal guns: even tho you have it licensed.
These gun-laws is only required for civilans. These laws do NOT apply for law-enforcement.
Please note: You must arrest the criminal, in order to confiscate his gun.
1: Illegal: High caliber and weapons used to raid or do structural damage, Devil's bane.
2: When arrested him, in cuffs. You must transport him to a jail cell, where he can be stripped his illegal/unlicensed guns.
3: When the guns is stripped, the jail timer must start.
4: Police MUST always do /trash and trash contraband they find and take if failed will lead to demotion.

- Noncompliance
1: This is now an arrestable offense. Basically, if an officer tells a civilian to go away from the road, and the civilian doesn't comply, this is now a legal arrest.

- Trespassing
1: This is now an arrestable offense. Basically if a civilian trespasses into a house/base/area that is barricaded with fence/walls/structures, this is now a legal arrest.

- Alberton Parking Lots
1: These new parking lots, will soon be made in Alberton. These parking lots should be used at all times, instead of the road. Cars on the road/blocking entrances can legally be destroyed by the law-enforcement.

- Police Vehicles
1: Police is not able to sell police-vehicles to civilians. If caught so, the officer is able to be given an warning/demotion by an higerups.
2: Civilians driving police-vehicles is now an arrest-able offence under the category: Police impersonation.
2.1.1: Police is allowed to destroy police-vehicles, when they have arrested the civilian for police-impersonation of driving a police-vehicle.

- The Mayor's Estate
1. This house will be dedicated to all new elected mayor's of PEI.
2: Trespassing (civilians) - will result in arrest.
3: Raids cannot happen (regioned zone, so no loot inside)
4: The Mayor must dedicate his house to the law-enforcement on some way, it's on his own wishes how.
4.1.1: In Mayor Klockmann's term, the mayor house will be legal to use for an HQ for all PSD-officers (30+ members)
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